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Cikk: Steeda Mustang Mach E Fejlesztés folyamatban!

Steeda Mustang Mach E Fejlesztés folyamatban!
Mach E

Steeda Mustang Mach E Fejlesztés folyamatban!

If you love the Mustang, but need a family friendly SUV, which is all electric to support low running costs and improved environmental impact as well as an avalanche of out of the box torque, then the new Mustang Mach E from Ford is for you..

Ez a Ford által kifejlesztett teljesen új jármű új és izgalmas teljesítményplatformot biztosít a Steeda csapatának, mert tudjuk Speed Matters! 

A Mach E is a high-performance SUV but Steeda is now at work on a raft of parts developed to up the performance even more. Our all new GT performance edition car arrived after a long wait of more than a year and we have already gotten stuck in!

Steeda Mach E GT development car

When it comes to Mustang parts, we here at Steeda have always focused on enhancing the performance and styling of Ford’s best-selling sports cars. The addition of the new Steeda front and rear Mustang Mach E adjustable anti roll bars is yet another example of our commitment and desire to enhance the driving experience of Mustangs all over the world. These initial parts have a huge impact on the handling, increasing the ability to handle the additional loads that come along with cornering.

Steeda Mustang Mach E Rear Anti Roll Bar installed

Next in line are more suspension modifications and upgrades, especially a focus on our legendary Steeda springs for improved ride height, looks, stability and further cornering prowess! Styling elements are also in development to help your Mach E stand out from the crowd and to show that your Mach E has "the Steeda Difference"

Maradj is tuned for new Mach E specific wheels coming from our friends at Velgen kerekek!

We are super excited for what we can do with this total game changer car from Ford. We know this car will be huge in the USA and in Europe and the UK and really look forward to creating more parts and also a turnkey (Push button?) Steeda Mach E később.

Tallózás a Mach E section of the Steeda Online Shop Here: 

Ossza meg velünk, hogy milyen részeket szeretne látni a megjegyzésekben.

Van-e valamilyen Mach E already or do you have one on order? Let us know!


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